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Summer Break December

By Adiel

As it was leading up to camp everyone was working tirelessly on the amazing summer program planned for CGI Melbourne. CGI Melbourne 5780 was an amazing summer experience for both staff and campers!

Ohel Chana girls had an incredible time being the madrichot for all the girls! We shared, we gained, we laughed, and we spent a beautiful 2 weeks together where many life long friendships were formed.

Chanukah in camp was also quite a highlight, and was an experience of itself! It was beautiful to have the whole camp gather around one menorah and sing together so united. We also made sure to have plenty of donuts and Chanukah games to add to the Yom tov spirit! Every night the whole camp would sing and watch the menorah as the sun would go down, it was a really special sight to see!

After the two weeks of camp came to an end we came back to OC to have an inspirational Zos Chanukah farbrengen with Rabbi Revain Wolf who came out all the way from California. Rabbi Wolf spoke about the number 8, its significance, and how 8 is above nature, and what that means for us.

As the week went on girls went all over Australia from doing camps in Sydney, Surfers Paradise, going to people's houses in Sydney or staying in Victoria. Needless to say summer 5780 is one we will never forget, and we can't wait to start the next half of the year!


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