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New Group Elul 5779

By Adiel and Yocheved

What a great beginning to Ohel Chana 5780 it has been!

Kicking off with the beautiful Philip Island Shabbaton early on, where we got a splurge of energy to start the year, and continuing with the lively Mivtzoim in Downtown Melbourne where we influenced many others to increase in acts of kindness- OC couldn’t have begun better!

Looking closer at the past 2 weeks, Ohel Chana enjoyed numerous farbrengens.

We heard Mr. Kalman Rubin speak in an interactive question-and- answer type of farbrengen, and Mrs. Blesofsky, Mrs Dina Kahn, and Mrs. Lederberger gave us words of encouragement to keep us motivated all year round. We also heard Rabbi Kantor, who is the head shliach in Thailand, share some behind the scenes and anecdotes of what being a shliach entails. We also had inspiring farbrnegens with Rabbi Lever and Rabbi Tenenbaum.

Our very first IN-Shabbos took place as well, and was both a meaningful and beautiful shabbos spent B’achdus.

Our shabbos theme was all about ‘Tapping On’ and not letting seminary be a journey where we just sit back. We had Rabbi Gouth and his family join us for the Shabbos meal and inspire us throughout the meal and a farbrnegen following.

Our dorm counselors often prepare many night activities for us, including but not limited to, our 2 favourite ones thus far. One of them was all about making our own ‘Cheques’ and metaphorically depositing our Hachlatos in. And the second one was a chance to refresh, restore, and relax through making our very own facials.

Erev Rosh Hashana we all wrote panim to the Rebbe and spent the Yom Tov joyfully.

The nice Shuls around town welcomed us graciously, along with all the generous families who opened up theirs homes to us for the special meals. A big big thank you to all!!

Vov Tishrey was spent learning about the life of Rebbetzin Chana and what an inspiration she is to both women and men alike. Rabbi Kluwgant, a cousin of the Rebbetzin herself, brought us hand-written letters he received from the Rebbetzin and shared many insight on her life. That Friday night was hosted so kindly by the Lipskers and we played games and learnt sichas about Rebbetzin Chana and the role of a Jewish women in general.

Bnos, Tzivos HaShem, and Mishmor kept going full blast and IYH will continue on with positivity and renewed energy! We love seeing your children there and look forward to future programs together!!

A big thank you to Rabbi Tenenbaum and Mrs. Groner for everything that goes on over-all, and Rechel and Malky our outstanding dorm counselors.

Gmar Chasima Tova to all!


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