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Final Term Iyar-Sivan on Zoom

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

By Rivka H.

This term in Ohel Chana has been a very inspiring, transforming and different experience to living in the dorm waking up with all the many girls walking to class. However this term has been a really special and unique opportunity to learn Torah online meeting everyday all your friends and teachers from all corners of the world on different time zones.

The learning online through using the platform Zoom, we can all admit has been a huge success. This has been largely due to Rabbi Tenenbaum’s incredible and punctual coordination of all classes partnering with the teachers to make it easy and enjoyable learning experience for all. Many of our teachers constantly encouraged interaction, discussions and Q&A. With each teacher sharing their own wealth of ideas and Torah knowledge with us. This for all Ohel Chana has been the most invaluable gift to learn with these talented educators.

We have also been privileged to hear from well renowned speakers sharing their inspirational stories, life lessons and intriguing ideas. We were lucky to hear from some our our own OC girls parents Rabbi Schusterman a shliach in Atlanta Georgia and Rabbi Wolff a shliach in Sydney Australia who shared with us different ideas for thought about their shlichus and personal encounters with the Rebbe eg Lag Baomer parades. Additionally, we listened to a list of rabbis and rebbetzins: Mrs Chavi Brook Shlucha in Montana, Mrs Levitin Shlucha in Florida, Dr Waronka Principal of the schools in Melbourne, Mrs Wilhelm our very popular teacher, Mrs Holzkenner senior Mechanches in Florida, Mrs Raziel Deitsch Shlucha in Virgina and Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. Each speaker farbrenged on a different topic connected to chassidus and how it applies in our lives. Many of them also shared their very inspiring life stories and how they overcame their challenges with Emunah and Bitachom

Also whilst in the dorm our dorm councillors constantly made us programs incorporating concepts we learnt in class with practical fun activities. We were fortunate to continue this on Zoom with a program organised named Torah and Tea with Rechel who prepared and dedicated her time in two different time slots to accommodate all students all across the globe, teaching us and spending time with us. Our Ohel Chana seminary experience amalgamated with a graduation ceremony online with all students and teachers. We had final remarks from our principal and memories shared by students through a beautiful poem written, video created and short Dvar Torah shared by a few of our students. Mrs Groner our incredible dorm mother presented the awards and essay winner finishing with well wishes. I am sure everyone can a agree that we all miss OC and we will remember the many good times, memories, lessons and friendships we have made during the course of the year. Wishing all the OC girls of the class of 2020 much success in all your future endeavours. Mazel Tov!


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