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Chodesh Shvat Report

Here at Ohel Chana we never miss an opportunity to learn and get inspired. This year’s month of Shvat was full of programs which helped us feel the holiness of the calendar.

We started off with a garden gala for Yud Shvat, which was planned and set up by a beautiful committee of students. During the gala we ate a delicious home cooked meal and heard some inspiration from girls who are on Shlichus.

The next program was not even a week later for Tu B’Shvat! We had a picnic in the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens and made a Shehechiyanu on a new fruit.

The following week we cancelled all classes to have a full day dedicated to Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka’s Yahrtzeit, 22 Shvat. On this day we had a special Chassidus in the morning led by our incredible committee of students and learned a beautiful Sicha about womens’ role in bringing Moshiach. Later in the day we decorated mirrors while we learned about the Jewish perspective on modesty and finished off our program with a panel of incredible women who shared their thoughts on Jewish femininity.


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