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Chodesh Shevat Report

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

By Mushky S.

Wow what a great month its been in OC. We started off the month with a bang, by taking a group trip to the most amazingly beautiful Great Ocean Road! We had an amazing time all together, bonding on the long and fun bus drives, singing and dancing throughout, an enjoying the gorgeous beaches and ocean along the way. We had plenty of stops in which we were able to see all the amazing viewpoints. It was really great being all together, spending quality time in such beautiful nature and getting to know each other better.

Mr Yossi Klein came to speak to us about healthy living and nutritious foods and what to look out for in the products we buy. We found it so informative and necessary that we arranged a second session with him the following week. We had Rabbi Dovid Rahmani farbrengen with us Shabbos afternoon. It was incredibly inspiring and a real build up to Yud Shevat 70 years!

It didnt stop there. In honour of Yud Shevat, We had a incredible hachona program organised by Chaya and Rechel called “ Fuel your connection”. The Hachana started 2 weeks before yud Shevat, the atmosphere in the dorm was really inspiring, sensational and showed a great achdus amongst everyone at all hours of the day. Everywhere girls were seen constantly learning Bosi legani Baal peh, doing mivtzoim, chitas and all the rebbe's inyonim etc till late at night.

We began Yud Shvat evening with a farbrengen with Rabbbi Szmerling who gave us a greater insight into the history of the first yud Shevat. Following Rabbi Szmerling's interesting insights, we were honoured to host Rebbetzin Goldie Avtzon as an international guest speaker who serves as a shlucha in Hong Kong, China. Rebbetzin Avtzon gave a beautiful workshop explaining how the Rebbe's hashtags to the world and mission statement were encapsulated in the 12 pesukim as each verse is unique exploring a different element in our lives.

In the morning of the auspicious day we had an special packed program. We started off with Tanya and practical Bosi Legani learning how we can apply the mission statement into our lives. We then davened together with the Rebbe and wrote a Paanim including our accomplishments through the past 2 weeks. Thank you Mrs. Groner and Rabbi Tenenbaum for the delicious pastries and fruits for breakfast! We also had the privilege to have another international guest Shaliah Rabbi Lew from Georgia who explained Concepts in Bosi Legani together with adding his personal connections and stories to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin highlighting their incredible qualities of ahavas yisrael. Later in the evening we had a special Basi Legani multimedia presentation where Rabbi Menchem Lipsker did a superb job showing the shechina throughout Jewish history concluding with how we the 7th generation goal is to bring hashem home.

The day culminated with a closing ceremony by Rechel and Chaya, who showed all our accomplishments and made us realise the amount of hours we spent over the hachona program which actually was a really special gift to the Rebbe. Mazal tov to Menucha Fox and Rivkah Hirschowitz on winning the raffle to New York to be the Rebbe for Chof Bais Shevat!

We continued the month with a Shabbaton up in a campsite. We were privileged to have the Wolf family and Mrs. Groner join us. Mrs. Groner helped with cooking, and making sure everything ran super smoothly. Throughout shabbos we had mediations in davening with Rabbi Wolf, Q&A's with him and his wife, farbrengens, and chassidus worshops. Wow what a packed inspiring schedule!! On motzei Shabbos we had a melava malka and Rabbi Wolf told us Bal Shem Tov stories. He didnt stop there. On sunday morning he gave over and incredible tanya shiur before we all headed back to Melbourne.

For TuBshvat our incredible dorm counselors prepared a special program for us. There were the Sheva Minim and we had a competition on who could make the most creative fruit display based on some things we learnt about Tu Bshvat.

Chof Beis Shvat was shortly after. We started off with an uplifting Farbrengen with Mrs S Gutnick who had the privilege of knowing the Rebbitzin personally. She told some stories, and shared with us the importance of privacy which we can learn from the Rebbitzin. We had our very own annul banquet which took place on the rooftop of CY. The decorations and food was arranged, and made by our incredibly talented dormates. There was an MC, speakers, music, and of course roll call.

On the morning of Chof Beis Shvat we davened with the Rebbe, and Chavi Block came to speak to us about the roles of Jewish women. Mrs. Groner gave us an insight into what it was like living in Crown Heights when the Rebbitzin was alive. We had the opportunity to watch the Kinus Hashluchos live, and were able to be inspired despite the fact that we weren’t there. Later on in the day we had our very own runway show. Where we learnt about different Jewish women throughout history and the impacts they have on our lives still to this day. Rabbi Telsner farbrenged with us with many interesting stories and anecdotes of the Rebbetzin’s early years as the daughter of the FR and the Rebbetzin of our Rebbe before 1951 when the Rebbe officially accepted the Nesius. We ended off the day with an inspiring farbrengen with Rabbi and Mrs. Greenbaum who spoke about how they ended up on Shlichus in Australia and how to overcome struggles and challenges.

Throughout the month we celebrated some girls birthdays. A big Happy Birthday to:

Faiga M, Shayneh R, Chana B, Shani B, and Mussy E. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and planned all the amazing trips, and programs that we had this month! We've had such an incredible, inspiring, uplifting, fun, and exciting month here in OC and we cant wait to see whats in store these next couple of months!


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