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Chodesh Cheshvan Report

By Adiel H

Wow! Chodesh Cheshvan has already passed! And what an amazing month it’s been BH! A new Hachana was introduced, the theme being “Don’t be sorry, just be better.” Every girl got their own booklet with a personalized hachlata system; all trying to be a better yid and a better chassid. We have new Chitas clubs and daily niggunim constantly playing in the dorm- it’s beautiful to see.

Ohel Chana also had the pleasure of having Mrs. Devries join us for a farbrengen and give over real life stories of focusing on positive experiences.

Mrs. Deren Senior Shlucha in Connecticut also came one night to farbreng with us as well and explained what it means to make a ‘new script’- not living the life of previous generations and creating our own new realities. She also made the message clear that a chassid is not someone who believes in the Rebbe, but rather someone who understands the Rebbe believes in them! Many took these words to heart.

One morning the same week local Shliach Rabbi R Cooper came and spoke to us all about Shlichus, and the impact Youth programs can have on each and every child. Thank you for your time it was insightful and meaningful.

We also had an amazing melava malka at Mrs. Groner's house where we learnt how special Rochel Immeinu was, and how she continues to look out for her children (us!). With the theme of our program we were given papers to write letters to our mother's thanking them for all that they do for us. Thank you to the Groner's who have us time and time again, it was truly a beautiful night!

On Wednesday night, OC girls, Year 12 Beth Rivka and other girls all joined for a Challah Bake evening. While the dough was rising, we had Mrs Robin Aron come sing for us and run a beautiful kumzitz that everyone enjoyed. After the challahs were baked, we kept half for our shabbaton and gave half to an amazing organization that looks after needy families- C care.

On Thursday night, we had another challah bake for students of all different backgrounds across all the Jewish high schools in Melbourne! This time, it was run by Chabad Youth, and we helped add to the joy and warmth of it all.

Then we had an amazing Shabbaton on Shabbos Chayei Sarah!! On Friday morning, we drove up to Golden Valley Lodge and happily arrived at the beautiful grounds. We each got a chance at the giant swing, and combined achdus, fear, and fun in one. On Friday night, we had delicious food prepared by Mrs. Groner and our very own OC girls as well, and we very much enjoyed. We had a Q+A session with Rabbi and Mrs. Slavin, and they truly helped girls with any questions they had troubling them.

Early Shabbos morning, we had a shiur with Rabbi Slavin all about the deeper meaning of Mode Ani, and we spent time delving into the message of each word. We then proceeded to a very pleasant shabbos meal, with both games and dvar Torah’s. Following the meal we had a Farbrengen with Mrs. Slavin, where we discussed how Judaism is much more of a relationship with Gd than a so called “religion”. Through the farbrengen, we understood the value of us beautifying our mitzvos and giving HaShem all we got. Later on in the day we had a workshop with Rabbi Slavin on ‘How to publicly speak with confidence.’

Motzey shabbos came, and we watched a Rebbe video, enjoyed a Melava Malka, and had a super fun game of minute to win it run by our new staff addition- Chaya Avtzon! That was a wrap on shabbaton, yet the simcha continued as OC girls happily attended the Beth Rivka graduation and showed support to year 12 on their joyous celebration.

The following week, girls were treated out to Chocolatean as a recognition for completing the entire Tehilim Shabbos Mevorchim! The girls thankfully enjoyed the yummy drinks and pastries.

Everyone is so busy with camp B"H and a couple of the preparations for camp was an intensive first aid course where girls got taught all first aid procedures and got certified, and pre camp sessions where the girls learnt how to deal with certain scenarios that could unfold in camp. Thank you to everyone who made those sessions and first aid course happen!

In between our busy-preparing-for-camp schedules, our dorm counselors prepared a special program in honour of the Rebbe Rashab birthday on Chof Cheshvan, where we had a cake decorating contest to see who can incorporate the most Chassidus on a piece of cake. That was a very pleasant program for all to attend. We also were so lucky to have a guest teacher Rabbi DL Shmerling come and teach a few lessons in OC regarding contemporary Halachic issues like swapping terrorists for captured Israeli soldiers and other interesting topics. We thank him for his time.

On Rosh Chodesh Kislev we had a beautiful seuda Wednesday night! The girls all pitched in their efforts and put together a beautiful and delicious Yom tov Seuda! On Friday morning we had a Rosh Chodesh outing to the beautiful Botanical Gardens where we had a picnic and spent time learning and having loads of fun!

We also had the privilege of going to a community Nigunim concert Thursday night with an orchestra it was an experience like no other. It was special and beautiful!

That Friday night we had an end of year meal with year 7-11! From the games, to the singing, and the girls Divrei Torah, it was truly a great shabbos meal, thank you to everyone who helped prepare for it! The next day we had an in shabbos day meal, with the theme being blue (water) - Yaakov who represents Torah- which is constantly referred to as water; and Eisav - red as when he was born he came out red. Thank you to everyone who prepared the meal, and the inspiration! We also had Rabbi Ash come to talk to us about his first hand experience seeing the Rebbe in 770 that Simchas Torah when he had the heart attack, and what it was like in 770. Thank you for your time! It was not only fascinating, but special to hear it from a first hand source!

We thank everyone in Ohel Chana who keep taking such good care of us begashmious and beruchnius! And to all the families who keep opening their homes for shabbos meals! Thank you! We can’t wait for what’s in store as we enter a new Chassidishe Chodesh!


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