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Chodesh Adar Rishon Report

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

By Mushka

The double month of Adar this year allowed for double the amount of joy, learning, fun, growth, celebration and inspiration at Ohel Chana Melbourne. The month appropriately began with an achdusdik in-Shabbos that allowed all students to enjoy each other’s company at a delicious and uplifting Friday night seudah with our fascinating hosts, the Rubins. The dorm counsellors divided up Shabbos jobs ranging from decor, catering and divrei Torah among the students, fostering a sense of Achdus among students united in our preparation for shabbos. On Friday night following a beautiful Kabbalas Shabbos in Yeshivah Shule, we arrived at the dorm to a beautiful and festive table set to the theme of Rosh Chodesh Adar and Purim. The food, prepared by the students themselves was delicious and the sense of unity at the table as we sang songs was palpable. We were honored to have Kalman and Timmy Rubin join us for our meal and farbrang with us. Mr. Rubin shared a beautiful dvar Torah with us coupled with practical messages for us and Mrs. Rubin shared her inspiring story of how she became a Baalas Teshuvah.

Many special visitors graced the classrooms or farbrengens of Ohel Chana this month, as many flocked to Melbourne on account of Simchos or to witness how their daughters are thriving in the amazing environment of OC. All students were grateful for the opportunity to hear from some amazing Shluchim from diverse places, who shared their wisdom or experience with us. Rabbi Goldman from Gainsville, FL related the story of his Shlichus,

while Rabbi Perlman of Kingston, PA entertained with stories and gematrios related to Purim Kattan and Purim. Rabbi Goldschmidt of Dallas, TX Farbrenged about the importance of Ahavas Yisroel for each other during the seminary year, and how our nature is really to be extraordinary. Rabbi New of Boca Raton, FL challenged the class to prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ on Yiddishkeit, and told stories from his shlichus that illustrate how the world hungers for Chabad Chassidus. Mrs Krasnjanski of Hawaii Farbrenged about her trailblazing shlichus and stories that illustrate how connection to the Rebbe brought her strength and success. Mrs Krasnjanski from Montreal also came and spoke briefly about going on shlichus later in life. We were also greatly inspired by Mrs Rivkin from New Orleans who shared with us how her time as a student in Ohel Chana has continued to inspire and guide her on her life Shlichus. All these visitors and special additions to the normal schedule truly helped make the month of Adar Alef exciting and inspirational.

In addition, the regular Thursday night Farbrengens were hosted by exceptional guests all the way from Melbourne, Australia. The month began with a Farbrengen by noted author on Chassidus, Mr R Kreminizer, who revealed the secret keys to true simcha, and some powerful personal stories with the Rebbe. Mr Josh Goldhirsh ran a thought provoking

Farbrengen leading girls to assess their girls’ experience in OC, and sharing stories of the Rebbe’s personal attention in his adolescence and influence of Chassidus on his life. Closing the month was a Farbrengen from RARA shlucha Mrs. Malky Rodal, whose story of her own journey to shlichus and how people’s lives have been touched by RARA encouraged discussion and reflection.

Adding flavour and excitement to the month were the programs created by our fantastic dorm counsellors, Chaya and Esther Rivkah. From an epic silent disco dance party on Purim Katan, to weekly Niggun nights, Rebbe times and Achdus programs providing spiritual and physical nourishment (munch, munch) they are always at hand for material or emotional assistance. The dorm counsellors also held an entertaining fashion show to welcome in the new month with pomp and flair. One motzei shabbos they also held a fun paint night, allowing us the opportunity to unleash our creative talents or enjoy getting messy. Adar Alef was truly a month of increased Simcha!


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