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Chodesh Adar Report

By Mushkie K.

Chodesh Adar started off with a bang, with a Rosh Chodesh trip to a rock climbing center, an opportunity to strengthen our achdus and enjoy the beginning of a new month. We were privileged to spend that Shabbos with Rabbi and Mrs Lieder, whose humorous and inspirational stories and encounters with the Rebbe truly matched the spirit of Adar. We were lucky enough to enjoy an insightful class later that week with Mrs Toby Lieder, veteran Shadchan, who walked us through an exercise that not only prepared us for a future time in our lives, but also provided insight into our aims and values in life.

As part of the jam-packed and all rounded program, Achdus activities and Rebbe times included a Paint night celebrating the wonders of Hashem’s world, and a Hamatasch bake in preparation for Purim. As part of the active role OC students take in the as leaders of Bnos Chabad activities, a Purim program for the Beth Rivkah high school girls was organized and catered entirely by OC girls! The exclusively Australian background of our group was celebrated in our Aussie costumes and theme, which were proudly displayed at the community Megillah reading that we joined, together with Beth Rivkah students.

The spirit of Purim continued throughout Adar, with a party limousine being an incredible highlight for all.

We spread the inspiration of OC to others, inviting local girls to join our Sunday night program, consisting of a shiur delivered by Mrs Wilhelm and a chavrusa session, studying a text of your choice. A Thursday night Farbrengen is another highlight of the week. We were fortunate to hear from Mrs M Kaminetsky, who presented a meaningful exercise giving insight to our perspective on life, and stressed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, faith and Emunah. A Farbrengen with Rabbi Tenenbaum left us with a detailed guide of practical steps to take the utmost advantage of our time in seminary, from making specific goals every day, to not being afraid to jump into the ‘deep end’ of Yiddishkeit and Chassidus, so we can bring the inspiration and learning into the rest of our lives.

In commemoration of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushkah’s birthday, we took the opportunity on Chof Hey Adar to hold our very own “shluchos convention”. Treated to a delicious ice-cream bar, we heard from one girl who spoke about her role in her parents’ Shlichus and how privileged she feels to help fulfil the Rebbe’s mission. With a roll call detailing how each girl in the group adds to the Shlichus OC allows us to do, the convention concluded with a comprehensive discussion on the challenges and rewards of Shlichus, and with a short video portraying the impact, often unexpected, being proud Shluchos of the Rebbe can have. We were left inspired and committed to the Shlichus we are so lucky as OC girls to be able to do.

In Ohel Chana, we are spoiled with opportunities to hear from a variety of different people in the community, one such being a visit from Rabbi Ruvi New, Shliach to Florida, about his experiences. Our in-Shabbos meal spent with Rabbi and Mrs Winner, was another such opportunity, where Rabbi Winner’s engaging and humorous farbrengen expressed the importance of writing to enable the inspiration to last, and having goals in order to make the most of all that OC affords us.

Even after the term officially ended, our learning continued, with a Yud Aleph Nissan Hachana program. Each girl was provided with a kit including a daily checklist, Rebbe story and Rebbe letter, to inspire and prepare for the upcoming Chassidishe Yom Tov. To properly commemorate the many special events occurring during the month, we were also fortunate to have Rabbi Schmerling explore the significance

of Beis Nissan, the anniversary of the Rebbe Rashab’s passing, and of the day that the Friediker Rebbe took on the nesius. A farbrengen for Yud Aleph Nissan was joined by many other post seminary girls, where we heard from Rabbi CD Wilhelm about the importance of action, and the influence learning can have on your life, and the influence a Chossid has on his surroundings.

After our first term in Ohel Chana, full of learning and growth, we are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


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