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Chodesh Adar Report

By Yocheved T.

Starting Adar off with a bang we all went laser tagging, and go-karting for our Rosh Chodesh trip and had an amazing time! Thank you to everyone who organized this incredible outing.

Later that week we had the Shliach from Chabad of RARA Rabbi Y Rodal come to talk to us about shlichus and his amazing and inspirational stories, and travels to all sorts of cities in Australia. The farbrengen and stories were truly inspiring. On Friday night Rabbi Leider all the way from Sydney spoke to us on friday night about Simcha, stories of Hashgacha Protis, Shlichus, Adar, and how to truly internalize EVERYTHING in your life whether it may seem negative or impossible. Thank you for coming in to farbreng with us, it was inspiring and insightful.

As OC began to get ready for their purim costumes theme, we also began to prepare for the chabad youth purim sleep over break-fast party! From cakes, to cookies, and decorations the high school mods, and heads went above and beyond! The party was so much fun and really started purim on the right track. On purim day, OC headed to the community megillah reading for Women and girls where we showed everyone our OCPD costumes and sign, and listened to megillah. It was really great to see hundreds of school girls dressed up for Purim. Later, we all went around to all of our teachers to give them homemade shaloch manos- thank you to our teachers for your amazing classes, and everyone who really worked tirelessly on the shaloch manos, and really made everything look and taste great! After delivering shaloch manos we went on a roller blading trip and had an amazing joyous time! We really enjoyed- thank you to everyone who organized it. Later, when we returned we all headed to our purim seudos, which were very enjoyable- thank you to everyone in the community who hosted us we really appreciated it! Needless to say Adar 5780 was an Adar none of us will every forget, and although we all started to head home due to the virus situation we had a positive experience like no other!

Many of us stayed on in seminary and the classes and the dorm continued on. We were able to learn about Pesach with special shiurim set up just for us for another full week until we concluded for Pesach term break on 24 Adar! We really enjoyed the special classes and learnt so much about so many different inyonim and chassidishe concepts about the Seder, the Hagada and Pesach!


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