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Supporting our students and providing emotional and spiritual guidance throughout their time at Ohel Chana is a key component of our program.  Individual student wellbeing is our primary consideration in the planning of staffing and weekly acitives.  To ensure student’s needs are being met, there are many provisions for support, including:

  • Regular individual meetings with Hanahla members to chart progress and strategies for growth

  • Dorm supervisors who look after welfare and wellbeing

  • Program director who organises and facilitates regular extra curriculum programs in the dormitory

  • Dorm mother who oversees all aspects of dormitory life and assists with personal, medical and other needs

  • Opportunities for interaction and friendships with many families and girls in our community

  • Regular weekly Farbrengens to inspire growth and progress

  • Life coach lessons

  • Guest speakers with diverse professional backgrounds to inform and guide students in many life skill areas


Students of Ohel Chana have the privilege of high quality learning and exceptionally comfortable living amenities.  The Ohel Chana Werdiger Learning Institute is housed in a magnificent period home which is protected by National Trust.  The recently renovated  dormitory now combines old world charm with the latest in modern amenities.


Our students enjoy the comforts of recently built bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining facilities, a library, computer room, lounge and recreational areas and beautifully landscaped gardens.  

The $2 million facility is one of Chabad’s finest live-in Seminaries.


During the week, 3 catered meals are provided for the students each day, including a hot lunch and dinner.  Snacks are also provided throughout the day.


For Shabbos and Yom Tov the students stay in Ohel Chana and are invited out for the meals.  


Once a month they have an “In-Shabbos” where the students prepare their own Shabbos meals and spend Shabbos together.



Melbourne is ranked the top most liveable city in the world!  For 6 years in a row, our city tops the list of 140 cities around the world.

Contributing to making Melbourne a beautiful place to live in, is our infrastructure including outstanding healthcare, education, culture and environment.  Dubbed the Garden State, there are many parks and open spaces throughout Melbourne, even in the middle of our busy CBD.  Our public transportation makes getting around quick and easy. 

At Ohel Chana, in addition to our exceptional academic and community involvement programs, students enjoy the bene-fits of Shabbatons and Retreats in serenely beautiful country Victoria.  They also have the opportunity to tour the stunning surrounds of  Melbourne Australia.  Catching a tram and exploring our city is a fun way to get to know it.

The Great Ocean Road

Excursions are organized to beautiful sites such as the magnificent Great Ocean Road which is one of the most scenic and breathtakingly beautiful stretches of coastline in the world.  

Visiting Phillip Island is a favourite trip along the southern coast of Australia.  Among the highlights there is the parade of little penguins that come ashore every evening at sunset.  

Phillip Island

Traveling to central Victoria, the students will visit Hanging Rock, which is a distinctive geological formation rising 718m above sea level.  The Hanging Rock Reserve is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as a place of historical, aesthetic and social significance to the state of Victoria. 

Hanging Rock
The Dandenong Ranges 

The Dandenong Ranges offer unparalleled beauty and a wonderful opportunity to come face to face with some of Australia’s famed and favourite wildlife.  Koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, llamas, and an extensive range of the most beautiful birds will undoubtedly cross your path as you explore any of the small towns, walks and hikes on your visit.

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