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Our Program


The Ohel Chana study program consists of a full daily schedule with 8 hours of classes Monday through Thursday, half-day Friday and evening classes on Sunday.  Classes are taught by our team of dedicated and experienced teachers who seek to imbue the students with a love for learning and yiras shamayim, a strong connection to the Rebbe, whilst at the same time, preparing them for life into adulthood.  

Our programs are designed to stretch and expand our students’ thinking.  Students grow “mechayil el chayil” and are then ready to take the next step in life.  Evening programs include regular farbrengens and voluntary shiurim. During out-of-learning hours,  students may relax with gym and sport activities.  As girls are completing their academic schooling and are preparing to go out into the world of shlichus we have additional programs to help prepare them.  These include mivtzoim, shlichus preparation courses and teacher training sessions. Shabbatons, excursions and other exciting activities are also part of the program.  


Students are awarded with a Diploma of Advanced Jewish Studies and Education for Women upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Ohel Chana transcripts are recognised locally and internationally for further study at institutions of higher education.

The Course of Study Includes Subjects in the Areas of חסידות השקפה & נגלה

CHASSIDUS includes:

Tanya, Mammorim, Sichos Bchavrusa, Rebbe Rashab Mammorim, Rebbe Rayatz Mammorim,

Derech Mitzvoisecha, Rashi Sichos and Inyonei Geulah Umoshiach.


HASHKAFA includes:

Women in Chazal, Bayis Yehudi, Da Ma shetoshiv, Yomim Tovim, Sefer Hashlichus and Historia.


NIGLAH includes:


Gemara, Persha, Halacha, Chumash and Navi.

Shlichus/Hafotzah Work

Ohel Chana is under the auspices of Chabad Institutions of Australia Inc, commonly known as the Yeshivah Centre, one of the largest, most respected Jewish organisations in Australia.  The Yeshivah provides a wide range of services to the Jewish and broader communities including comprehensive educational, welfare, social and cultural activities and services.  It includes Chabad Youth which is a vibrant community based organisation committed to providing the highest quality range of religious, educational, social, recreational and cultural services and programs to all Jewish youth. It aims to cater to the vast needs and interests of primary, secondary and tertiary aged students and the wider Jewish Melbourne community. 


Ohel Chana is part of the Melbourne Jewish Community which is renown for its warmth. Students are welcomed by the community and soon form strong friendships with many individuals and families.  This gives the students a sense of unity and belonging. Expanding the spiritual growth and real experience of the students, preparing for their future shlichus, the students have the opportunity to become involved in a range of Hafotzah and Shlichus activities:

Shlichus/Hafotzah Work
  • Providing support to a large number of organisations operating under the auspices of the Yeshivah Centre

  • Bnos Chabad     

  • Girls primary and high schools     

  • Youth services/programs     

  • Tzivos Hashem rallies     

  • Summer & winter camps    

  • Hospital, and nursing home visits     

  • Social/cultural groups for the elderly   

  • Practical home assistance for the needy    

  • Childcare and preschool centres     

  • Provision of care to sick and elderly     

  • Volunteer training     

  • Helping shluchim with programs in their Chabad Houses and shules around Australia

  • Bnos Chabad

  • Shabbos Youth Groups     

  • Mishmor - Thursday Night Learning     

  • Tzivos Hashem - Leaders     

  • Chabad Sparks - For Jewish Day Schools

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