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Our History

Thank you for your interest in Ohel Chana Seminary, Melbourne Australia. Ohel Chana’s aim is for yourself and fellow students to have a wonderful year, in which to further your growth in Chaddishkeit, Yiras Shamayim, and Limud HaTorah and help formulate your outlook and direction in life.


Ohel Chana Werdiger Learning Institute is a world renowned Chabad-Lubavitch tertiary-level learning institute. It caters specifically to the student who is committed to advanced Torah study and a Chassiddishe life-style. 

Ohel Chana was established in 1971 at the direct initiative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the name of his mother, Rebbetzin Chana OBM.  The Rebbe took a personal interest in the development of Ohel Chana and the progress of  its students by enquiring regularly after their welfare and asking for regular reports to be sent to him. Since then, Ohel Chana has remained proudly dedicated to the continuation of the Chassidishe legacy of its founder. 


Our Ethos

Our faculty are acclaimed educators who are experts in their fields of knowledge. The aspiration of our school is to empower generations of women to venture into the world as dedicated Shluchos, knowledgeable educators and Chassidishe women in whatever fields of endeavor they choose. 

Students accepted into Ohel Chana should be prepared for a year of serious learning.  Students will experience personal growth and contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of sincerity and diligence. Ohel Chana students take an active role in the community, particularly with Beth Rivkah girls and their families, as leaders for the Bnos Chabad Programs and as individual role models. The relationships formed with the community are highly valued and continue long after our students have returned home. 

In March 2020, our school year had to end abruptly with all overseas students leaving Australia. We concluded the school year on zoom and unfortunately we were unable to welcome international students for the next two years.


However, we were not closed! In January 2021 we were able to open up for the local Australian students and had an amazing year with 18 students from Melbourne and Sydney. Once again, in January 2022, we opened for a local group of students from within Australia.


Over the past few months the Ohel Chana girls have been balancing a busy schedule of full days of learning, Chabad youth programming, extracurricular activities and programming for special events.


Baruch Hashem the Australian international border is once again open and Ohel Chana is preparing to once again welcome a group of new students from around the world.


To find out more about our program head to or contact for more information.                          

In addition to maintaining a high academic standard, students must keep in mind the expectations of the Melbourne community. Central to the Melbourne Jewish Community are the dynamic Chabad Institutions which boast a flourishing Beth Rivkah School educating 700 students from pre-school to year 12.  Ohel Chana students have a great influence on these girls both directly and indirectly as school students perceive an Ohel Chana student as a living example of a Chassidishe girl, and a Bas Chabad.  It is therefore imperative that Ohel Chana students reflect the highest standards of Tznius in attitude, conduct and dress.

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